Database as a Service
Providing users with access to database services eliminating the need for setting up physical infrastructure, installing software or configuring for performance.
Contour Cloud Database as a Service (DBaaS) makes it easy to set up, operate and scale database deployments in the cloud. All administrative tasks and maintenance are managed by the Contour Cloud certified database engineers, so that all the user or application owner needs to do is use the database.
Deployment Options Include:
  • Pre-configured – Contour DBaaS for SQL Server, MongoDB or MySQL deployments are pre-configured with settings appropriate for the instance you have selected. You can simply launch a database instance and connect it to your application within minutes without additional configuration.
  • Monitoring and Metrics – Contour DBaaS provides metrics for your database instance deployments at no additional charge. You can use the Contour Automation and Management portal, CINCH to view key operational metrics for your database deployments, including compute/memory/storage capacity utilization, I/O activity, and connections.
  • Database Event Notifications – Contour DBaaS provides notifications via email for database deployments and other major events.
  • Automatic Software Patching – Contour DBaaS enables you to have SQL Server, MongoDB or MySQL software powering your deployment with the latest patches automatically to ensure your data is always secure.
Get Started With Contour DBaaS
  • Contour DBaaS for SQL Server, MongoDB or MySQL makes it easy to set up, operate and scale database server deployments in the cloud
  • Hourly pricing with no upfront fees or long-term commitments
  • Launch an instance and connect it to your application within minutes without additional configuration
  • Monitoring included for visibility into key operational metrics
  • Automated backups turned on by default for point-in-time recovery
Database Options Include:
  • SQL Server
  • Mongo DB
  • MySQL

Contour Cloud DBaaS is provisioned on high-performing storage that is designed to deliver fast, predictable performance, and is optimized for more intensive, transactional database workloads.

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Starts using Contour’s DBaaS platform so that you can focus on your business goals, save money and deploy enterprise database technology.

MongoDB is an open-source cross-platform document-oriented database program. Classified as a NoSQL database program, MongoDB uses JSON-like documents with schemas.

MongoDB provides high availability with replica sets. A replica set consists of two or more copies of the data. Each replica set member may act in the role of primary or secondary replica at any time. All writes and reads are done on the primary replica by default. Secondary replicas maintain a copy of the data of the primary using built-in replication. Using MongoDB in the Contour Cloud secures your data both at rest and in motion while providing unprecedented reliability and performance.

MySQL is the world’s most popular open source database. With its proven performance, reliability and ease-of-use, MySQL has become the leading database choice for web-based applications, used by high profile web properties including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yahoo! and many more.

Oracle drives MySQL innovation, delivering new capabilities to power next generation web, cloud, mobile and embedded applications.

If you develop websites or web applications then hosting MySQL in the Contour Cloud is a good choice for performance, reliability and cost. MySQL is an essential component of LAMP stack, which includes Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

SQL Server is Microsoft’s relational database management system (RDBMS). It is a full-featured database primarily designed to compete against competitors such as Oracle and MySQL. You can take advantage of breakthrough scalability and performance by utilizing SQL Server in the Contour Cloud. Instances can be provisioned in seconds and accessed directly from your local machine.

SQL Server and the Contour Cloud protect data at rest and in motion with the least vulnerable database over the last seven years in the NIST vulnerabilities database.

On demand provisioning. Easy to scale with zero downtime.

Businesses rely on their data and you can rely on Contour to ensure its always secure and always available.

The experts at Contour Data Solutions will manage and simplify the backup and recovery platform. We work with your team to understand your business requirements and the impact of data loss so we can design a solution to minimize your Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs). Whether you’re looking for on-premise, cloud or a hybrid strategy, Contour will design, implement and manage a custom solution to meet your needs.

We will reduce your backup windows and recovery times by leveraging Contour’s Backup and Recovery Services. Contour delivers the next generation of availability for the always-on enterprise, providing business and enterprises of all sizes with the means to ensure availability for any application and any data, across on-premise, cloud and hybrid solutions.

Contour Process:

  • In depth assessment of your existing environment
  • Architecture and Design Workshop with your team
  • Products/Services implementations & migrations
  • Project Management
  • Test and Acceptance plan
  • Detailed documentation


  • Meet backup windows and recovery time objectives
  • Efficiently utilize storage and network resources
  • Protect and provide granular level restores for application specific data from supported applications
  • Recover individual files, entire databases, or complete systems
  • Analytics & Visibility with actionable insights for data management, operational performance and compliance
  • Option for fully managed backup and recovery services
  • Guarantees for meeting Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives
  • Managed by a team of experts

Consolidate control, delivery and protection of end user compute resources with policies that dynamically adapt to the end user’s computing environment. Leverage virtual networking to simply and dynamically protect data center infrastructure and workloads.

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