Date: 05/29/2019

Great work Datrium Team! Datrium’s Automatrix platform bring Software-Defined Converged Infrastructure To Multi-Cloud Environments. Automatrix brings together compute, primary storage, backup storage, disaster recovery, encryption and data mobility in a single software-defined converged infrastructure, along with a suite of autonomous data management applications including ControlShift. Contour integrated DVX into the ContourCinch platform for full automation of IT Operations.

Datrium has a cool story to tell, said Rocco Guerriero, CEO of Contour Data Solutions, a Doylestown, Pa.-based cloud service provider that has worked with the vendor for about one and a half years.

“They’re different,” told CRN. “I like different. They have a unique approach to data management. They were doing a lot of cool things with security and disaster recovery before they even knew how to describe it.”

Contour Data Solutions has a platform called ContourCinch built on Datrium’s Automatrix platform and helped write the Automatrix APIs, Guerriero said.

ControlShift is a big piece of ContourCinch, Guerriero said.

“Disaster recovery needs full orchestration to move data and make sure the infrastructure is configured properly and so on,” he said. “Other vendors can do disaster recovery. What ControlShift brings is the ability to do a hybrid cloud from a DR perspective. Customers can have an application at Point A, and move it to Point B without having to do all the functions separately. ControlShift allows data to be moved intelligently across all cloud platforms so I can move my customer workloads to a hybrid environment leveraging our private cloud, Azure, AWS, and so on. This allows us to be open. Nobody wants proprietary.”